What is constipation? (1,2)
Constipation, defined as having a bowel movement fewer than 3 times a week, (1) affects nearly one third of the South African population. (2) With constipation stools are usually hard, dry, small and difficult to pass. Some people with constipation may experience bloating and the sensation of a full bowel. (1) Persistent constipation can result in straining and complications such as: piles, anal tears, and impacted stools (stools not expelled by normal pushing action). (1)
Good reasons to use Agiolax®
  • Contains senna and fibre, two natural ingredients that work together to help relieve constipation
  • Can be used during pregnancy* and when breastfeeding
  • Provides reliable, predictable relief from constipation
  • Is easy to take – just swallow with a glass of water
  • Doesn't cause watery stools, cramping or bloating
  • Is available in a discreet sachet pack
How to take Agiolax®

Agiolax® a natural solution to constipation:

  • 1-2 heaped teaspoons of granules or ½ - 1 sachet (5-10g)
  • Swallow granules whole with a full glass of liquid
  • To be taken after the evening meal, can be repeated before breakfast

Agiobulk® to normalise and regulate bowel function under the following conditions:
constipation, diarrhoea and irritable bowel syndrome.

Dosing for constipation:

  • 10 g Agiobulk® should be taken after the evening meal (at least one hour before bedtime). If required, 5 g Agiobulk® may also be taken in the morning before breakfast
  • Swallow granules whole with a full glass of liquid
  • Suitable for adults and children

For dosing related to diarrhoea and irritable bowel syndrome, please refer to your pharmacist or package insert

*During the first three months of pregnancy, Agiolax® should only be used if constipation cannot be remedied by a change in diet or with the aid of bulking agents. It is recommended that Agiolax®should only be used after consultation with a medical practitioner.

S0 Agiolax® granules. Reg. No. E/11.5/0988. 5 g granules contains: Seeds of Plantago ovata 2.60 g; Ispaghula husk 0.11 g; Tinnevelly senna pods 0.34 g – 0.66 g (corresponds to 15 mg sennoside B). S0 Agiobulk® granules. Reg. No. Q/11.5/303. 5 g granules contains: Seeds of Plantago ovata 3.25 g; Ispaghula husk 0.11 g; contains sugar. For full prescribing information, refer to the package insert

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