Pregnant women often experience constipation (5)

  • Constipation affects up to 31 % of pregnant women (5) and up to 50 % of postpartum women (6)
  • Pregnant women with constipation rated the negative effect that the condition had on their lives as significant (14,6 %) or very significant (2,8 %) (7)


Treat constipation in pregnancy* with Agiolax® – the natural bulk-forming laxative (5,10)

Why take Agiolax®?

  • Acts directly on the colon
  • Has a minimal potential for griping or bloating and is non-addictive
  • Doesn’t shift the electrolyte balance (essential for normal function of cells and organs)
  • May be used during pregnancy*
  • Is easy to take (requires no mixing)
  • Provides predictable reliable relief
  • Does not cause watery stools

* During the first three months of pregnancy, Agiolax® should only be used if constipation cannot be remedied by a change in diet or with the aid of bulking agents. It is recommended that Agiolax® should only be used after consultation with a medical practitioner.